White Woman Misses National Donut Day

Tracey Donitt, a white woman from the East coast of Canada, missed National Donut Day in lieu of the Black Lives Matter movement. She says she was so focused on sharing Black Lives Matter social media posts, that she lost track of her favourite holiday.

"I was so exhausted from being an ally this week, I missed one of the most important days in Canadian history." Donitt says the fact she has only now realized she missed National Donut Day, speaks to the state of her mental health.

Canada's National Donut Day is celebrated every year on the first Friday in June. The history books say it is a day of appreciation, in honour of the donuts donated to white military soliders during World War I. Donitt says, "I understand that the history of racism and oppression of black, indigenous, and people of colour hasn't had enough documented truth in our history books, but National Donut Day Matters, too!"


According to the Toronto Sun, the famous Canadian coffee chain, Tim Hortons reveals Canadians are the number one donut consumers in the world, selling 1.4 million donuts per day.

Reported by The Lonely Comedian

NOTE: author Tanya Nicolle wrote this satire article as a reflection exercise, and as a self-criticism. While this piece is satire, it aims to highlight white privilege. Racism is not funny. Performance ally-ship is dangerous. Black Lives Matter. White privilege is real.

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